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Bleaching and Tooth Decay

How bleaching materials may have an added benefit.

Dr. Van Haywood is considered one of the world’s most noted authorities on tooth whitening/bleaching and has always been an excellent reference and source of information in my career. He recently published an article that shed a new light on bleaching materials and the broad range of potential advantages especially in seniors.

We have always had success with 10% carbamide peroxide in custom trays and some patients have enjoyed success with slightly higher concentrations. This article indicated that the use of the peroxide and trays may also be effective in removing plaque, reducing decay causing bacteria, and help elevate pH (reduce the acidity in the mouth). Carbamide peroxide at both 10 and 15% have been classified by the US FDA as Category 1 which means these agents are safe and effective for use in the mouth as oral antiseptic agents. As we age, decreased dexterity for home care combined with more root exposure can make us more prone to decay. In addition, the years can crate a yellowing effect on our teeth. Home bleaching may have a great combined benfit for young and old.

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