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Am I a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Envision the possibilities for your smile by comparing some of our patient's smile makeovers!

In today’s rapidly advancing technological world, there is a lot of opinions online about rapid weight loss, get-rich-quick investments, and dream smile makeovers. Where do you turn to for reliable guidance in today’s mass media?

Since circumstances and motives differ, it is wise to rely on experts in your area and on solid results. Dr. Bradley Olson offers FREE second opinions to help guide and empower each individual to reach their full smile potential.

Take a look at 2 of our patient’s’ journey. Learn what their concerns were, what conditions their smile was in, and how Dr. Olson helped co-create the smile of their dreams.

Who knows, you may just find that you too are a candidate for the smile makeover you have been thinking about!


A 64-year-old ex-dental hygienist gets a smile makeover!

Compare Mrs. Adcock's smile before and after her smile makeover with Dr. Bradley Olson!

Meet Mrs. Hollander*, she is a 64-year-old retired dental hygienist that was looking for the right dentist, so you can imagine her standards for quality dentistry were above standard.

Mrs. Hollander’s concerns

She was initially worried if the outcome would look natural, she says “since I’ve seen too many fake looking results” from working in the dental industry.

From her consultation with Dr. Bradley Olson and reviewing his previous work, she knew this was the right cosmetic dentist in Waldorf for her. But she was still concerned about having the time and means needed to rejuvenate her smile. Together, they worked out a treatment plan that she felt comfortable with and within a well-coordinated timeframe.

Her smile’s condition 

As you can appreciate in the photo above, Mrs. Hollander had severely worn and chipped teeth that had worsened over the last five years. This was an alarming sign for her since she was also missing teeth in the back and suffered from an over-closed bite. She didn’t want the decay to continue, leaving her with fewer and fewer teeth left to smile and chew with.

Smile makeover treatment

Dr. Olson corrected her deteriorating condition and restored her smile with dental implants placed by a surgeon, orthodontics, and matching crowns and bondings to perfect her smile.


What Mrs. Hollander has to say about her smile makeover

“As a retired Dental Hygienist, I have worked with many dentists. I have seen both good and bad dental practices. Dr. Olson and his staff go above and beyond what is expected in the best of offices. They are friendly, professional, and highly trained. But most of all, the treatment and end result are nothing short of perfection! The office is beautiful and clean. I could go on and on because they work together like a well-oiled machine. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone and everyone! YOU SHOULD SEE MY SMILE!!! Oh, I cannot forget the wonderful hygienists either. Look forward to my cleanings now. Along with a full oral evaluation.”


A 25-year-old reignites her self-confidence with a smile makeover

Are smile makeovers only possible if you have conditions similar to Mrs. Hollander’s? What if you are in your 20’s and are in need of that confidence boost to excel in your career or enrich your personal relationships?

Ms. Baker's smile before and after her smile makeover with Dr. Bradley Olson in Waldorf!

Meet Ms. Brovkin*, she is a 25-year-old woman who wanted to feel more confident with herself when she smiled.

Mrs. Brovkin‘s concerns

Being in her 20’s and immersed in building a quality life, she hesitated due to a lack of time. She also wondered if she would be able to afford this type of treatment. In fact, most her age feel similarly, reasoning that “only celebrities get smile makeovers… I don’t have that kind of money”, thus putting off their smile goals.

Her smile’s condition 

As you can see in her before & after photo above, she had previous bonding material on her front teeth that were staining and decaying. She decided to consult with Dr. Olson for a more natural-looking smile, but this time, she was focused on something that would last and something she could afford.

Smile makeover treatment

With an affordable plan in place and a sneak peek of what her smile would look like, Dr. Olson placed beautiful porcelain veneers on her front six teeth. The design and color were exactly what she hoped for, something natural-looking and long-lasting!

What Ms. Brovkin has to say about her smile makeover

“I wanted teeth that looked real and had some of the same characteristics of my natural teeth and that is exactly what Dr. Olson achieved!”


Free Second opinions for Smile Makeovers with Dr. Bradley Olson in Waldorf

Are you a candidate for a smile makeover?

Did the experiences of the 2 women above resonate with you? If you or someone you know are unsure of the dental treatment another office recommended, schedule a visit with Dr. Olson to get a complimentary second opinion.

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