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Lifestyle |5 min read

Is Fluoride Good for You? (Learn the Truth)

There seems to be a debate about whether or not fluoride is actually good for your teeth. Well, the truth is: Fluoride is good for you! Fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens your teeth and helps prevent cavities. How so? When applied to your smile, fluoride...

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Lifestyle |1 min read

Keep moving for a longer life

Replacing Just 30 Minutes Of Sitting With Any Kind Of Movement On A Daily Basis May Help People Live A Longer Life, Study Indicates. TIME (1/15, Ducharme) reports new research “published in the American Journal of Epidemiology finds that replacing just 30 minutes of...

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Lifestyle |0 min read

Staying in Shape

Study Looks Into Affect Of Lifelong Exercise On Muscle Health, Cardiovascular System. The NPR (12/10, Neighmond) “Shots” blog reports that the findings of a recent study “suggest a dramatic benefit of lifelong exercise for both muscle health and the cardiovascular...

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