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Child’s first dental visit.

Many Parents Delay Child’s First Dental Visit, Survey Finds.

Dr. Joe Castellano, President of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, spoke to KBTX-TV College Station, TX (1/31, Ninke, Witte) about the findings of a new national survey conducted on the organization’s behalf. Dr. Castellano said the survey found “about 95 percent of the parents really thought that oral health for their children was important,” although about 75 percent of those parents did not bring their child to the dentist by age one, and about 30 percent “didn’t think that dental pain was a serious issue.” Dr. Castellano stressed the importance of children having their first dental visit by age one, and he provided oral health tips for children.

While speaking with WUSA-TV Washington (1/31), Dr. Castellano said, “We’ve got some more work to do in educating the parents on children’s oral health.”

Dr. Castellano also spoke with WFSB-TV New Haven, CT (1/31) about the survey.

Dental professionals can direct their patients to, ADA’s consumer website, for information and resources on caring for children’s teeth. The ADA Catalog also offers the brochure, Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth: Baby Teeth Can Get Cavities!

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