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Cleaning teeth

Why have your teeth cleaned professionally?

It’s most significant fuctions are prevention of dental disease and patient education.Professional dental hygiene cleaning is the only way to remove biofilm(plaque),tartar (calculus) and stain from the teeth.  If these deposits are not removed, gum disease (infection) and periodontal disease(loss of bone) usually result. 

The dental hygiene cleaning should include:

Head and neck exam, and oral cancer screening

Dental and periodontal charting-which provides a graphic description of the conditions in a patient’s mouth, including decay, restorations, missing or malposed teeth, clinical attachment levels, furcation (root) involvement, mobility, pocket depths, bleeding sites, and other deviations from normal. Other conditions that may be charted include erosion, abrasion, developmental anomalies and use of prostheses

Personal Oral hygiene evaluation, homecare review and recommendations

Toothbrushing and flossing instructions

Supra gingival(above the gums) scaling to remove plaque and tarter from all tooth surfaces

Topical fluoride treatment

Polishing of teeth

Nutrition assessment if needed

Scheduling of additional care as needed

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