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Diet Moderation

Sugary Drink Consumption May Be Linked To Increased Risk Of Premature Death, Study Suggests.

USA Today (3/18, Molina) reports that researchers have “found an association between people who consume sugary drinks and an increased risk of death.” The findings were published in Circulation.

CNN (3/18, Bracho-Sanchez) reports, “Compared with women who had sugary beverages less than once per month, those who had more than two servings a day – defined as a standard glass, bottle or can – had a 63% increased risk of premature death.” Meanwhile, “men who did the same had a 29% increase in risk.”

Reuters (3/18, Rapaport) reports that the study also found “heavy soda and sports drink consumption was associated with a 28 percent higher risk of early death from any cause, a 31 percent higher risk of death from heart disease and a 16 percent increased risk of death from cancer.”

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