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Do I Qualify For Dental Implants?—Maryland Dentistry Professionals

Badly diseased, or missing teeth, can adversely affect your quality of life in many ways. A modern, effective solution is the amazing choice of dental implants. In Waldorf, Maryland, Dr. Olson and his team have helped numerous patients to drastically improve their lives through this popular dental option. Below are real before and after shots of an actual patient of Dr. Olson:

Dental Implants Maryland
Prior to dental implants by Dr. Olson
Dental Implants Maryland
Another gorgeous smile due to dental implants in Maryland

Implants look and feel completely natural, and don’t compromise the strength of neighboring teeth. They improve ability to speak clearly, to chew food without limitations, and prevent further oral health issues associated with tooth loss such as bite and jaw misalignment, teeth shifting, and crooked smiles. They even provide incredible stability for patients with dentures.

Most people are candidates for dental implants, and there is no age limit for the procedure. Qualifying for an implant relies more on health factors. The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. In order for the jaw to support the implant, there must be adequate bone available. If you do not have sufficient bone density or size, a bone graft could be an option for you.

The best candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease. Smokers, and high consumers of alcohol may lower the success rate of implant procedures, but it doesn’t automatically disqualify you. Other medical conditions that may lessen your chances of being a good candidate for dental implants include uncontrolled diabetes, blood disorders, and cancer.

Contact Dr. Olson and his team today to answer any further questions you may have about dental implants, or any other matter pertaining to your oral health. Dental implants are the undisputed champions of tooth replacement. Life is simply too short to hide your smile or live in pain. With the life changing option of dental implants, Maryland residents can get the best of both worlds – beauty and health, thanks to Dr. Olson.

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