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Researchers Examine Association Between E-Cigarette Use, Smoking Reduction

Reuters (7/15, Rapaport) reports a new study suggests that “adults who smoke cigarettes may have an easier time cutting back or quitting altogether if they start vaping,” although research “also suggests that vaping may make ex-smokers more likely to relapse.” Researchers “followed 5,400 smokers for an average of 23 months, including 822 people who also reported daily use of e-cigarettes,” finding “vapers cut back more on daily cigarettes” and “were also 67% more likely to quit smoking.” Investigators “also followed 2,025 former smokers for an average of 22 months, including 176 who reported regular e-cigarette use,” finding that “vapers were 70% more likely to resume smoking traditional cigarettes during the study than ex-smokers who had quit without vaping.” The findings were published online in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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