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Happy Halloween

CNN Highlights ADA’s Information On Halloween Candy.

CNN (10/26, LaMotte) includes candy in its list of “health hazards of Halloween,” noting the American Dental Association says to “be picky if it’s sticky.” The article explains that caramels, gummies, taffy, and other sticky candies cling to teeth longer, contributing to cavities. Hard candies also pose risks since they tend to stay in the mouth longer, contributing to dental decay, and they may also break teeth. Chocolate is a better choice since it washes off teeth more easily. In addition to maintaining proper oral hygiene practices, CNN encourages eating Halloween candy just after meals, noting “saliva production increases during meals and helps rinse away food particles and bacteria, the ADA says.”

In addition, CBS News (10/26, Gibson) suggests trick-or-treaters “stick with chocolate, which washes off teeth easily and quickly, according to the American Dental Association.

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