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Home Whitening Sensativity

Sensativity During Home Whitening

Approximately 1/2 of patients who undergo home whitening treatment experience mild sensativity.  It is a common side effect.  Patients with gingival recession appear to be more likely to have sensativity during home whitening.

Our office recommends prescription strength 1.1% sodium fluoride gel in conjunction with home whitening as needed for sensativity.  It is recommended for daily use after each day of whitening.  A small amount can be applied with your toothbrush and brushed on for 2 minutes.  Patients need to wait 30 minutes after fluoride treatment before eating/drinking.  Another regimen that can be followed for sensativity is placing the 1.1% sodium fluoride gel in the patient’s whitening trays before or after bleaching for a 4-minute fluoride treatment during each day of whitening.  Again wait 30 minutes after fluoride treatment before eating/drinking.  Sensativity subsides when home whitening treatment of approx 7-10 days is completed.

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