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Implants I

Implant reatined dentures

Dental implants have become the state of the art option for replacing missing teeth. This can be for all your teeth or just one. In this Blog, we will discuss implant reatined dentures.

For years, patients have struggled to wear removable dentures causing pain, discomfort, difficult chewing, and embarassment for many. The struggle is almost always worse when we are talking about lower teeth. Implants have proven over and over again to be a highly successful option to alieviate most or all of these problems. As few as two, and up to six implants can be placed to serve as anchors to hold a denture. Patients find that the surgery to place the implants is easier than they imagined and the denture can be removed for easy cleaning but remains solidly in place for eating, talking and smiling. Studies have shown that bar-retained prostheses have fewer complications than ball-retined ones.

Each patient has diffirent conditions so consult with us about your best option. Next Blog we will discussed fixed/removeable prosthetics.

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