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Oral health and General Health Go Hand in Hand

Gum and Tooth Disease related to Sytemic Disease

Periodontal Disease has shown to have a link to a number of systemic problems including preterm birth, heart disease, vascular function, and diabetes.

Periodontal treatment has shown to reduce preterm/low-birthweight babies by an incredible 80% and that good oral care is important for almost all pregnant women.

A predictor of potential cardiac problems that may be more important than cholesterol levels, is the level of C-reactive protein. This inflammation-correlated risk factor will be elevated with periodontal disease and can decrease with the treatment of gum disease.

Endothelial function is important for the bodies circulatory system. Studies show that improving a patient’s periodontal condition, also improves endothelial function by reducing the bacteria that may contribute to reduced circulatory flow.

Diabetics are much more likely to develop periodontal disease due to their compromised immune system. This means that patients with diabets must be much more diligent in both their home care and professional cleanings.

These studies confirm that visits to the dentist are not “just cleanings”, but may be long term life saving events!

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