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Outstanding Dental Implants for Southern Maryland!

Dental Implants Southern Maryland
Outstanding results with Dental Implants for Southern Maryland

Have you heard about dental implants in Southern Maryland but find the subject intimidating and more than a little confusing? Dr. Olson offers an overview of this amazing dental feat in terms you can appreciate!

Do you have a severely damaged or missing tooth? Perhaps an unsightly or ineffectual previous restoration?

A dental implant is the closest thing dentistry offers to regaining your healthy, natural tooth! It’s more durable than a bridge or dentures, and can permanently correct tooth loss! Better yet, it appears like, and can be treated as, a natural tooth!

What exactly is a “dental implant” and how does it work?

Most people realize that natural teeth are held in place by a reaching root that anchors right into the jawbone. When your tooth dies or is extracted, the root ceases function as well. Any bridges or dentures used after are only surface treatments that won’t prevent the root and ridge area of your mouth from shrinking as the underlying space remains void. This is one reason why bridges and dentures become “loose-fitting” over time and require further adjustments.

A dental implant is a small, strong, titanium post that takes on the function of a “root” in that it is surgically anchored in the jawbone, promoting continued bone and tissue growth, and bringing stability and strength to the tooth-like implant attached on the surface. This “implant tooth” will function and look just like your natural teeth, iridescent shine and all!

Discover more about this astounding, tried-and-proved advancement in dentistry! Dental implants now offer Southern Maryland residents big ‘ole beautiful smiles they’d only previously dreamed of!

Dental Implants Southern Maryland
Here is an actual patient of Dr. Olson
Dental Implants Southern Maryland
This smile is a real Southern Maryland dental implants success story



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