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Porcelain Crowns Maryland

The changing landscape of Porcelain Crowns

Dentistry continues to move toward more conservative approaches to restoring teeth and the use of crowns in the front of the mouth has decreased. There are times however, when teeth require the support of a full crown. This occurs more often in the back of the mouth for bite support but can still be the treatment of choice for a front tooth when beauty, strength, and support are all required. If a tooth has an existing crown, there is no other alternative for replacement when indicated.

Porcelain crowns continue to evolve in materials and techniques. Laboratories look for a material that produces life-like results and ease of fabrication. Dentists look for a material that provides beauty and ease of placement. Patients look for a material that is natural and easy to care for. Lithium disilicate is proving to be that material and can be used for front or back crowns. I see a trend where patients do not want metal restorations in their mouths. I also see patient concerns where they have had a crown, or known someone with a crown, that had a grey metal appearance and they did not want to repeat that problem. If you have been putting off this needed or desired treatment, let us show you how this material may work for you.

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