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Sleep Apnea III

Sleep Apnea appliances

Oral appliances are indicated as the first line treatment for mild to moderate OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) in patients that are not interested in or can not tolerate a CPAP machine. Severe OSA is best treated by CPAP or other treatments mentioned in the previous blog. It is imperative that patients have their condition evaluated by a physician and have a presciption for an appliance as most dentists and labs will not treat the patient without such an evaluation.

The object of the MRA (mandibular repositioning appliance) is to position the lower jaw forward to improve airway dynamics. Custom made, adjustable appliances have been shown to have the most merit over the store bought appliances. Two appliances we have used with success are the EMA and the Tap. There are different indications for these appliances and the choice is based on diagnosis and the needs of the patient. Regardless of the appliance chosen, regular follow up is critical to long term success.

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