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Smile Makeovers with Dr. Olson, The Right Option For My Smile?

Are you thinking if smile makeovers are the cosmetic solution you're looking for?

In “Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?“, our patients got a glimpse of what their smile could look like thanks to the before & after photos and comments from our 2 female patients of different age groups. But do only women get smile makeovers? What about men? And what options do you have to rejuvenate your smile and facial appearance if you have spent many years with removable dentures?

Learn if you may be a candidate for a smile makeover with Waldorf cosmetic dentist, Dr. Olson as we dive into the motives, concerns, and smile makeovers of Mr. Rodriguez and Mrs. Christensen*!


A 57 year-old successful business man with a humble beginning renews his smile!


Older man before and after smile makeovers with Dr. Bradley Olson, cosmetic dentist in Waldorf!

Meet Mr. Rodriguez, he is a personable and friendly 57 year-old man who grew up without the means for proper oral health care. His humble beginning did not limit him in life, however. His whole life, he worked hard, got up early, and went home late to become a very successful business professional.

Mr. Rodriguez’ concerns

Mr. Rodriguez was afraid that his lack of proper care while growing up somehow made it “too late” or impossible to have a great smile now that he was pushing 60. For years he had immersed himself in his profession, and he never had the time to address his dental concerns.

He knew that if he was going to give himself the smile he never had, he needed to do it right the first time. For that, he wanted to make sure he found the right cosmetic and restorative dentist to develop a comprehensive plan that addressed and fixed all his dental concerns in a way that he could understand. That’s when he started thinking more seriously about smile makeovers.

His smile’s condition 

The opportunity for a youthful, healthy, and attractive smile knocked on his door when he consulted with Dr. Olson, his new-found cosmetic dentist in Waldorf; he knew that just like a business investment, he wasn’t going to let the opportunity to finally do something for himself just walk away.

As you can appreciate in his before & after photo above, Mr. Rodriguez first came in with failing, severely worn, and broken teeth. He expressed that he was not happy with his smile and was skeptical he ever truly could be, since he had a poor start in the first place.

Smile makeover treatment

Albeit extensive, the damage was not impossible for Dr. Olson to restore. After comprehensive exams to discard serious health issues and get to the root of his oral issues, they co-engineered a treatment plan that would make sure Mr. Rodriguez’ smile was attractive, functional, long-lasting, and healthy.

Starting with orthodontics and then moving on to the custom design of each new tooth with a combination of dental implants, crowns, bridges, and aesthetic porcelain veneers, Dr. Olson gave this hard working man the hard-earned smile he thought he could never have.


What Mr. Rodriguez says about smile makeovers with cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bradley Olson:

“I am forever humble and grateful to Dr. Olson and his remarkable team for the exceptional care and service they provided during my 2.5 year journey resulting in a complete transformation of my teeth and smile. As an adult in my mid-50s, this huge undertaking came with its share of fear and anxiety. The professionalism and patience shown by Dr. Olson and his team made it possible for me to understand and commit to the process and journey in front of me. Our partnership and commitment resulted in a smile far beyond my expectations. Thank you for everything! Dr. Olson and his team rocks!”



A 69 year-old reignites her self-confidence by believing in Dr. Olson’s smile makeovers

Is there such a thing as an irreparable smile? If you have lost several or all of your teeth, must you resign to live with unstable removable dentures for the rest of your life?

Older female before and after smile makeovers with Dr. Bradley Olson, cosmetic dentist in Waldorf!

Meet Mrs. Christensen, an upbeat and kind 69 year-old woman who had lived with uncomfortable dentures for several years. She had heard about Dr. Olson’s expertise with cosmetic smile makeovers but initially, she felt that she didn’t really need it and she could continue wearing her dentures, albeit uncomfortable and bothersome.

Mrs. Christensen’s concerns

Dentures were once a fantastic solution to several missing teeth. The problem? That was decades ago. You see, removable dentures might look good and fit well at first, but because there are no more tooth roots in the jawbone, the bone and gum tissue begins to decay and recede. This eventually gives you that “sunken in” look and their dentures fall out of their mouth during dinner or slide and click when speaking and chewing.

Her smile’s condition 

For Mrs. Christensen, it was a clear choice that she needed to do something before losing more bone structure. She just wanted to make sure that she was in good hands. She had endured with ill-fitting, unattractive dentures and was ready to smile confidently and eat whatever she wanted. So she began to give more thought about these smile makeovers she heard about.

Smile makeover treatment

She met with Dr. Olson and from the start she knew she was in the right hands. Since stability and longevity were her main concerns, dental implants (which fuse with the jaw bone) were the best choice to prevent her jawbone from deteriorating and giving a strong life-like bite when chewing. Dr. Olson reviewed the options with her and she opted for an implant-supported denture. The top and lower arch were fitted with a custom-designed set of natural-looking teeth that was surgically inserted into the jawbone at strategic points. This provided a stable, attractive, and enduring smile for Mrs. Christensen!


What Mrs. Christensen says about Dr. Olson’s smile makeovers:

“It was a wonderful experience! Everything went so great, all the doctors explained everything well and did what I wanted. I have the most beautiful teeth that have made me look 10 years younger. I love that I can eat everything now. Overall everything was perfect!”



Free Second opinions for Smile Makeovers with Dr. Bradley Olson in Waldorf

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The 2 experiences of our patients prove that it is never too late to have the smile you always wanted. There is no age limit. There is no irreparable smile. If you have heard otherwise at another dental office, schedule a visit with our renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Olson to receive a complimentary second opinion.

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