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The Sound of your Smile

Article in Dentistry Today

According to Dr. John Ohala of Univ California Berkley, the smile is related to sound. People that do not smile are perceived as unapproachable or unlikeable. Dr. Ohala found that words actually sound better to humans when they are accompanied by a smile. Lower pitched sounds are associated in nature with threat and danger while higher pitched sounds are just the opposite. When we smile as we speak, the speaker’s voice contains a higher pitch. Babies tend to respond more favorably to female voices which are higher pitched. While adults do not respond entirely the same way, the combination of look and sound of the smile is a powerful message. Showing your teeth through your smile conveys a feeling of friendliness and comfort.

Making sure you have a healthy smile provides self confidence, a feeling of warmth and comfort, and looks attractive in all settings. How can we help you and your smile?

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