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X-Ray Safety

The media recently released a story regarding the safety of dental x-rays and developing meningioma, the most common type of brain tumor. This has created a concern for patients and doctors that rely on x-rays for diagnosis.

The American Dental Association has reviewed the study and has found that the results rely on an individual’s memory of  what x-rays they had taken years earlier. This is hardly scientific and results in “recall bias”. The study also acknowledges that the x-rays taken many years ago used old technology and slower speed film.

Dental x-rays are imperative for diagnosing and treating oral problems and are vital for early detection of potential problems. The need for -rays are determined on an individual basis and are prescribed following the guidelines set forth by the ADA’s Council on Scientific Affairs. In addition, we use protective lead aprons, thyroid collars, and most importantly, digital x-rays that emit a fraction of the radiation from film.

Rest assured I will never recommend an x-ray that I would not recommend for myself, my family, or my staff. Please feel free to ask us any questions now or at your next visit.

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